Star Gate Charleston 

The Divine Pyramid For Soul Therapy   


The human being, like a flower or a tree, is based upon the pyramid design, "It's The Nature of GOD"

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The Divine Energy Pyramid, Star Gate Charleston, is located within Healing Oasis of West Ashley.

"The 51 degree pyramid, Star Gate Charleston, is a temple whose sacred proportions relate to both the human form and the sacred geomancy of the Earth and its relationship to the Moon, Sun and Cosmos....


The 51 degree Star Gate pyramid represents the Word of God and Evolution - vitality made manifest into form. The applied geomancy of the truth of awakening....

When we meditate in the Pyramid it aligns the reality of Earth, the energy of the vibration of Earth in all of its sacredness, its merit, its goodness, its place with God, with Masters of Wisdom and Saints who have incarnated and evolved...." 

Buddha Maitreya

***Disclaimer: The Pyramid Energy Chamber has not been evaluated by the FDA. This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


Star Gate Charleston

Healing Oasis of West Ashley

  • Assist your body with a gentle detoxification
  • Energy blocks are released from all layers and levels of the body and energy field
  • Deep relaxation occurs
  • Auric field and chakras are balanced
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual fields are cleared and charged with healing light particles

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"Just like in a great temple, the divine pyramid slowly brings out the geometric proportion and increases your Soulful receptivity, and with it the realization that God exists....." Buddha Maitreya

Awakening to our Soulful Self is the very purpose of human life; to shift from living a protective personality life to our true nature.  

This is what we are here for, to discover our Soulful, energetic nature and live as that true nature here in physical form. We are here to awaken our divinity inside of our humanity. To experience Heaven while on Earth.

In order to do that we must change the reactive patterns of our nervous system and build new, higher capacity circuitry that allows us to fully activate our divine nature, or Creator-ship!

Meditating in a pyramid aligns one and the reality of Earth to a proper relationship with God and nature. Once the pyramid system is set up and aligned due north to the magnetic field of the planet, it becomes activated and radiates blessings within a 100 mile radius.


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772 Saint Andrews Blvd

Charleston, SC   29407




Monday -Wednesday: 

9 am - 7 pm

Thursday: 9 am - 1 pm

Friday: 1 pm - 7 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm

Sun: 10 am - 2 pm